BMW cuts employees due to declining sales

BMW cuts employees due to declining sales

September 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Such a decision is necessary to optimize costs against the background of the consequences of coronavirus infection.

BMW has announced plans to lay off its US employees. We are talking about the release of 125 jobs throughout the country. This measure is forced against the backdrop of declining sales of new brand cars after the coronavirus. Despite the opening of dealerships, the consequences of the epidemic were somewhat deeper, and the market has not yet fully recovered.

The layoff of 125 workers will free up a little less than 10% of the brand’s total US salary in the non-manufacturing sector. It has already been announced that all jobs at the large South Carolina plant will be retained. At the end of the first half of 2020, sales of new BMW cars in the United States decreased immediately by 28%, and in the second quarter this figure reached 40% due to closed dealerships.

At the same time, BMW said that the measure to reduce the number of jobs is not the only way to overcome the crisis – the company plans to develop a new development strategy.

Earlier in BMW told about the expected date of the debut of the new generation of the X1 crossover. Along with classic cars, a modification with an electric power plant should appear. Externally, the crossover will differ significantly from the current generation of the model.