BMW confirms that the V12 petrol engine has no future in the company

BMW confirms that the V12 petrol engine has no future in the company

June 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new CEO of the Bavarian BMW brand Markus Flush told reporters that the future is precisely known for the V12 petrol engine. For the large 7-series sedan, the next generation will not be offered the V12.

The story of the powerful V12 engine produced by the Bavarian BMW brand already looks like a full-fledged story from the special Netflix series. But it looks like the finale of this story is determined – the new CEO of the automaker confirms that this power plant will no longer be offered for a completely new generation of the 7 Series sedan.

 In a recent interview with overseas edition, Markus Flush, the new CEO of BMW M, reiterated previous reports about the cessation of production of the V12 engine. When asked about the future of the V12, Mr. Flush said: “Aside from the engine we already have, I do not believe that we will see a new model with a twelve-cylinder engine in the foreseeable future.”

 Thus, the current version of the 7-series sedan will be the last car from the Bavarian brand model range, under the hood of which a powerful V12 engine is installed.

This confirmation from the new head of BMW contradicts the previous statement by Michael Bayer, head of the 7 Series power units. According to Bayer, V12 has a future, and that it is possible to make the engine compatible with all the upcoming and quite tough emission standards for harmful substances that touch Europe.

 In addition to the above, with respect to the powerful V12 and the 7 Series model in particular, the new CEO of BMW believes that electrification is the future not only for high-performance BMW M cars, but also a real way out for regular company models.

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