BMW chief designer responds to criticism of new models’ grille

BMW chief designer responds to criticism of new models’ grille

February 3, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW designer commented on the criticism of the radiator grille of new cars.

Recently, the company’s chief designer responded to a large number of criticisms regarding the chunky “nostril” grille that the 4-Series, 7-Series and X7 models received. According to the designer, he is familiar with the negative reviews that often appear on social networks and the media. In addition, this reaction did not surprise him at all. In addition, he assures that in particular the models must have striking distinctive features that other cars do not have.

“We don’t have a goal to please everyone in the world. You can’t create a design that everyone likes. But, first of all, you must please your customers, ”the designer noted.

He cited the design of the new 4-Series as an example. He believes that the design of this car is liked by about 20% of the audience, who are their potential customers. So, despite the great criticism, the company has repeatedly stated that they are not going to refuse to install an unusual radiator grill on their new cars. The German company has said more than once that “nostrils” are not only an aesthetic option, they are also designed to supply powerful units of Bavarian models with additional air.