BMW chief designer commented on the huge grille models of the brand

BMW chief designer commented on the huge grille models of the brand

June 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Adrian van Hoydonk, who is currently the chief designer of the prestigious Bavarian brand, told us why, lately, the company’s models are getting too big grille.

A huge wave of criticism of the Bavarian company BMW collapsed after a heavily updated version of the full-size 7-Series sedan received huge “nostrils”. Yes, yes, we are talking about a hefty grille, which received the designation “nostrils”.

 According to Mr. Van Hoydonk, in particular, due to the increased shape of the brand grille, the 5-Series sedan is visually separated from the 7-Series, just like the X5 crossover from the more luxurious X7.

As part of his recent interview with a foreign publication, current chief designer of the automaker Adrian van Hoydonk told why the decision was made to make such a “not clear for everyone” design move.

He also noted that the main task of increasing this element of the exterior was precisely the visual distinction between the models of the brand, and it seemed that they all failed to please everyone. It is noteworthy that such a change in the appearance of premium cars caused a rather different reaction in different parts of the world. So the guys from Europe are very unhappy – they do not really like to brag and stand out, but the buyers of such cars from China and the Middle East just love to be in the center of attention. There, the more chrome, large and bright parts, the better, the more you can declare your own status.

  We note in the end that for the first time, enlarged “nostrils” appeared on the updated 7 series in January of this year.

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