BMW charged SUVs will become hybrids

BMW charged SUVs will become hybrids

October 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The head of BMW’s M division fears electrification may be criticized by fans of the M brand.

Electrification is a new trend in the automotive industry that extends to all market segments. It is primarily about reducing fuel consumption and emissions in order to comply with more stringent rules, but premium brands prove that this can also be beneficial in terms of performance. Following Audi’s recent announcement of the next-generation interchangeable RS4 Avant hybrid car family, BMW has announced that its full-size cars will also move to the PHEV.

The statement was made by the head of the M-division Marcus Flash in a speech at the automobile council, where he talked about the direction in which the BMW division plans to operate. Flash noted that electrification on the agenda is not for the main models, such as M2, M3, M4, but for large and heavy vehicles, and pointed in the direction of the recently launched X5 M.

With a weight of 2,385 kg, the high-performance SUV is far from being a Miata. Since M is primarily interested in offering the best products, Flash is concerned about the risks posed by the launch of the PHEV model, as some particularly ardent fans believe that the M electric car is a “dilution” of the brand. The leader is actually more worried about this problem than the technical side of the issue and the nuances associated with it caused by the transition to an electrified power plant.

He further mentioned that BMW M designs and manufactures automobiles tailored to customer preferences, therefore it maintains a “very direct dialogue with customers” to find out what they want. “I do not produce cars for demonstration, for people who do not buy them. I am engaged in the production of automobiles for our customers and they have a very, very clear opinion about what they want to see. “

As Flash said in an interview, he already drove a PHEV under the M brand, and although details were not announced, he said that sooner or later such a hybrid would be put into production. Mercedes-Benz will follow the same path, and the next AMG C63 will lose the V8 in favor of a four-cylinder hybrid setup. Prior to this, the AMG GT 73 hybrid should appear next year with a capacity of 800 hp, while Audi may launch more powerful versions of the RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback with electrified powertrains.