BMW cars will receive support for 5G networks

BMW cars will receive support for 5G networks

January 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW will use Harman and Samsung technology to offer the first 5G-enabled car in June 2021.

Harman, an infotainment service provider, used the influence of its parent company Samsung to win contracts that it said would make it the largest 5G automotive provider in the world by 2022.

The first Bavarian model to support 5G networks will be the iNext electric SUV, BMW officials said at a consumer electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

“This will create new opportunities for the driver in the car, but it will also affect the entire mobility system,” said Klaus Fröhlich, Head of BMW Development.

A connected car is a car with an on-board telematics system that can connect to services available on the Internet via a SIM card. The 5G network is ready to replace the existing 4G network in the next few years worldwide.

The transition to a new generation of networks will allow automakers to offer more services in the car, as well as improve security systems, including paving the way to complete autonomy.

Higher speeds will open the V2X (Vehicle to Everything) connection, which can prevent collisions by transferring the vehicle’s location to infrastructure, other cars and pedestrians. It will also provide access to higher resolution maps required for autonomous vehicles.

However, BMW said that iNext will come out with a level 3 autopilot, which allows automatic movement at speeds up to 129 km / h on multi-lane highway, if permitted by law. BMW will also test Level 4 technology using the iNext fleet.