BMW cancels paid subscription to Apple CarPlay service

BMW cancels paid subscription to Apple CarPlay service

December 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

You will no longer have to pay $ 80 or 5,112 each year for the right to use the Apple CarPlay service. Paid subscription canceled in the USA, UK and Australia.

The need to fork out for the right to use the Apple CarPlay service, recently introduced the Bavarian brand BMW, while none of the other automakers are taking money for it. But apparently the time has come to acknowledge their mistakes – the automaker has canceled the subscription for all BMW cars 2019 and 2020 model year.

When news came out that BMW was charging money for the subscription, the company reacted to this decision, saying that their infotainment system has become more complex, because special equipment is required for the Apple CarPlay wireless to work properly.

 This adds complexity and increases production costs, so the Bavarians wanted to get extra money for using the Apple CarPlay service, charging customers money for connecting their iPhone to the car’s infotainment system.

At the moment, the official representatives of the prestigious automaker have already confirmed the information that the fee for using the Apple CarPlay service will be canceled in the US, UK and Australia. The Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra 2020 model year, which is essentially a close relative of the new generation Bavarian roadster BMW Z4 uses the BMW infotainment system and offers four years of free use of the Apple CarPlay service. I’m ready to bet money on the fact that after this time, you don’t have to pay for the same if BMW itself decided to refuse a paid subscription to the service for its models.

 According to rumors, in the near future, the Bavarian brand proprietary infotainment system will receive support for the Android Auto service. In the end, even a popular brand like Skoda already offers Android Auto connectivity in Europe in wireless mode.