BMW C Evolution electric moped will get driver protection

BMW C Evolution electric moped will get driver protection

June 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company has patented a passenger capsule, which is a backrest, seat belts and a roof. Reports the edition about Ecotechnica.

The BMW C Evolution is a maxi-scooter introduced in 2012. The power of its motor is 35 kW or 48 hp and 72 Nm. Thanks to the BMW i battery with a capacity of 12 kW / h, it can travel on a single charge of 159 km. The model is considered one of the best in its segment, but soon competitors may fall away altogether.

The company cares about the safety of its customers, as evidenced by the new patent – a modular capsule, which will optionally be installed on the scooter of the current model.

This scheme represents our built-in rollcage. The driver, sitting on a full-fledged seat with a safety belt, will be protected while driving, also from being hit by foreign objects. The speed of movement largely affects the effectiveness of the protective capsule.

 By the way, 20 years ago, BMW tried to promote the C1 model with a roof and a seat with a back, but then the public was not particularly interested in such a technique. Perhaps this new product will cause more interest.

And literally on the day the Bavarian company introduced the concept of an electric motorcycle Vision DC.