BMW brought to the test electric sedan 3 Series

BMW brought to the test electric sedan 3 Series

June 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian brand began testing its electric car.

BMW continues to expand its range of electric models according to its plan – to release 25 “green” models by 2023. Recall that the brand plans to launch mass production of the i3 hatchback, i4 sedan, and now the brand has begun testing the 3 Series sedan.

The body of the model is covered with camouflage film, which hides changes in design. However, despite this, it can be noted that the changes will not be serious, in particular, unification with the BMW i4 is not expected.

Most likely the novelty will receive one electric motor on the rear axle according to the iX3 crossover principle, but a more productive version of the model may also appear, which will compete with the American Tesla Model 3 Performance sedan.

The name of the newest car is also kept secret, as well as the timing of the release of a new electric car on the market. The official presentation of the BMW 3 Series should take place next year. BMW cost also became known later.