BMW better release X7 M than the new M1

BMW better release X7 M than the new M1

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bavarians are not going to develop a more powerful version of the new 1-series

The head of the planning division of the BMW M reported that the Bavarian brand does not have a “hot” M1 hatchback in its plans – the “charged” X7 M. Crossover is of much more interest in terms of potential demand.

The newly introduced BMW 1 Series new generation for the first time built on a front-drive platform with a transverse arrangement of the power unit. The most powerful offer in the line of the 1st series is the all-wheel drive model M135i xDrive with a two-liter turbo engine with a power of 302 horsepower. Fans of the brand expected that in the future the more powerful model M1 will appear on the market, but their dreams did not come true.

As told in an interview with AutoExpress, the head of the planning department of BMW M Carsts Prix, the brand has no plans to release a more powerful “penny”. He said that all the M-cars should be desirable for buyers around the world, and compact hatchbacks, alas, are not. Reflecting on the prospects for the emergence of the “charged” model M1, he replied that it would have turned out to be too expensive and unprofitable.

The M2 coupe will continue to exist along with the M3 and M5 – the main models of the BMW M division. And today, the brand’s top managers consider the M8 coupe to be the most promising addition to the brand, and the Bavarians place high hopes on the new X7. So in a short time you can almost certainly expect the appearance of a giant “charged” X7 M crossover in the BMW model range.