BMW believes electric vehicle technology does not yet meet M standards

BMW believes electric vehicle technology does not yet meet M standards

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bavarians are confident that electric cars are not yet able to convey the true spirit of BMW M. A key problem is the mass of the battery. Unfortunately, even the approximate dates for the emergence of a sufficient level of technology are not yet called.

BMW M Product Manager Carsten Price says electric cars don’t use technology for a reason. The fact is that each car with the “M” index is the face of the company, conveying the driver’s spirit and the special character of the cars. He spoke about this in detail at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show. And the main problem is the mass of the battery.

 In addition, the head of unit M added that they were always scrupulous in creating new models. Even turbocharging technology did not immediately come to their cars. At the dawn of the popularization of turbines, their response, as well as the degree of increase in dynamics did not match for cars with high performance. Only later, when the turbines became more reliable, and the technology itself more run-in, did it come to BMW M.

 Of course, in the future, BMW will release a “charged” electric car. But he is going to approach this responsibly, creating a thoughtful and technological project from engineers, and not for the sake of marketing.

“Today, batteries weigh a lot, so the technology will be more suitable if the weight of the batteries goes down,” – Price added.

In the meantime, details about the new generation BMW M3 became known. The start of production of the sixth generation of the car will begin at the end of next year. And it seems that the German auto giant will be able to surprise everyone.