BMW announces electric autonomous vehicle

BMW announces electric autonomous vehicle

September 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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In mid-September the German company will present a prototype of the new generation iNext electric vehicle. The serial version of the model, which will receive an autopilot, will appear in three years

BMW has published a video clip with the prototype of the next generation iNext electric car, which will receive automatic control functions. The car will be presented in mid-September during a joint world tour with Lufthansa.

Judging by the video, it is a mid-size crossover, which is close in size to the X5 model. According to preliminary data, the car will receive the third level autopilot: the electric car can move completely independently on certain routes, but at the same time the driver should be ready to take control of himself.

It is assumed that the top version of the electric vehicle will be equipped with aggregates, totaling 800 hp, and the power reserve without recharging will be 450-700 kilometers. The serial version of BMW iNext will appear in 2021.

The premiere of the BMW iNext will take place on board the Lufthansa Boeing 777F aircraft, which will depart from Munich to New York on 9 September, and then travel to Frankfurt via San Francisco and Beijing.

Earlier it became known that the company BMW began to take orders for the serial electric crossover iX3. The first country where you can apply for a preliminary application for the car, was Norway. The Bavarian brand asks for a place in the queue for electric cars 15 thousand Norwegian kroner (about 1800 dollars). At the same time, the full cost of the crossover, the serial release of which will begin only in 2020, is not yet called.