BMW announced more powerful cars M

BMW announced more powerful cars M

May 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW M division has been actively developing recently, and despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has significantly slowed down the implementation of many plans by automakers around the world, it cannot be denied that the “charged” line of the German manufacturer has grown significantly over five years.

In an interview with, Markus Flash, CEO of BMW M, spoke about his future plans and the challenges his division is facing. Since almost half of all BMW cars are sold with the M logo, there is talk that the “M” nameplate is beginning to lose consumer confidence, but a top manager noted that “M has never been a competing brand for BMW. The M is a multiple increase in what BMW has achieved in terms of driving pleasure. M complements BMW, and will remain 0 in the future. ”

Over the five years, M brand sales have grown by more than 200%, and although sales are better than ever, the question still remains whether consumers’ desire for faster cars can undermine BMW’s electrification efforts. Flash says it’s all about balancing a portfolio and that M cars are as efficient as possible.

“Power is nothing without control, right? And if there isn’t something too powerful, it’s just a matter of how you tune and tune the car, and how you make it available, ”Flash explained. “If 10, 15 years ago there were cars with 625 hp power in the cabin, customers would probably be scared. Now I can give the M5 these 625 horsepower and drive only to my mother in the winter, and everything will be all right. Do not expect power limits. ”