BMW and Toyota create a new hydrogen powertrain

BMW and Toyota create a new hydrogen powertrain

March 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW has unveiled some details regarding the new Hydrogen Powertrain i Hydrogen NEXT, which was developed in partnership with Toyota. According to the assumptions, the technology of fuel cells will become part of the brand’s motor portfolio, and hydrogen will be used on the flagship variations of the X-family.

The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT power unit includes a fifth-generation eDrive, like the upcoming iX3, a fuel cell, an electric converter and 2 cylinders into which 6 kg of hydrogen gas were pumped under a pressure of 700 bar.

A so-called “peak performance battery” was installed above the electric motor – it increases power from a standstill during acceleration and sudden accelerations for a short period of time. The electrochemical generator develops 125 kilowatts (170 hp); the aggregate capacity of the unit is 275 kilowatts (374 hp).

 In 2022, the German corporation has plans to release a pilot batch of X5 with i Hydrogen NEXT. Apparently, hydrogen crosses will be used to break in the power unit and prepare for commercialization. The appearance in the line of the German brand of serial cars with fuel cell technology in the beginning of 2025.

 But, as noted in the corporation, the launch dates can be adjusted depending on the condition and requirements of world markets. Since the current installation period of hydrogen generation is quite expensive, and there is no developed network of gas stations even in Europe.