BMW and Porsche presented a super-fast charging station for electric cars

BMW and Porsche presented a super-fast charging station for electric cars

December 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Participants in the Fast Charge project, headed by BMW and Porsche, presented a prototype charging station with an output power of up to 450 kilowatts. The experimental terminal was installed near the A8 motorway between the cities of Ulm and Augsburg in Germany.

The new station is compatible with electric cars of any brand, equipped with a 400- or 800-volt charging system and supporting the CCS Type 2 standard. The choice of the required mode occurs in a fully automatic mode. Porsche reports that its experienced electric car with a 90-kilowatt-hour battery needs to be charged in just three minutes to get an additional 100 kilometers. This is achieved through the use of an innovative cooling system with precise temperature control of the battery cells.

The power of the new terminal is several times higher than the existing high-speed charges from DC networks. Now he is working in demo mode, and charging for owners of electric cars is free.

By 2020, the amount of Porsche’s investment in electromobility will be six billion euros. These funds will be spent on the development of hybrids and the number of electric models. About 500 million will be spent on the release of variations Taycan, another 700 – on the development of charging infrastructure and the improvement of fast charging technology.

According to the development plan for BMW, which was announced in December 2017, until 2025, the company intends to release 12 cars with fully electric power plants. Cruising the top electric car will reach 700 kilometers.