BMW and North Face presented a mobile tent for tourists

BMW and North Face presented a mobile tent for tourists

January 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As a covering material, for this “caravan” a new material is Futurelight from North Face, which is waterproof and breathable. BMW does not intend to launch this concept into production. However, North Face will start selling clothes using Futurelight fabric very soon.

The BMW Designworks division specializes in partnership with other companies in order to present the best practices for the very near future. One of his latest projects is the concept of Futurelight Camper, in the development of which the guys collaborated with the well-known outdoor clothing company The North Face. A tent on wheels is used to provide a safe place to sleep when traveling in cold conditions.

The concept is currently on display at the CES-2019 consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas (USA).

The casing of the trailer for camping is covered with a special cloth that does not let water through and passes air. The latter was made possible by the presence of nano holes that allow air to move. As a frame, the guys from BMW use a geodesic dome.

  The official announcement of BMW and The North Face unfortunately does not give us any more information about the concept of Futurelight Camper. But then they presented a computer visualization of their project. The bottom frame of the trailer for camping is made of carbon fiber, and inside, apparently, enough space for two people. The general scheme assumes that this mobile tent can be towed to the right place, and then set off on a journey. The tent will provide tourists a dry place to sleep.

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