BMW and Mercedes-Benz make fun of each other on Twitter

BMW and Mercedes-Benz make fun of each other on Twitter

November 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Two German automakers decided to play a joke on each other. BMW published an advertising post in which a little joke on the company Mercedes-Benz. However, the answer of the latter was not long in coming.

In its Twitter account, the automaker BMW published an image of a Mercedes-Benz car in a case with the BMW icon drawn on it. Description in a post: “Now any car can change into its favorite superhero.” The Bavarian company has published an entry in honor of the holiday Halloween.

 However, the Mercedes-Benz concern decided not to ignore this post and immediately sent an answer. In less than an hour, a record appeared on Daimler’s Twitter account: “Good try, BMW USA. This is actually a scary costume. Especially this radiator grill … ” In this way, the company hinted at the overly eye-catching grille on BMW cars.

  After this post, the “conflict” ended, perhaps because BMW has not yet figured out how else to respond to this post. But indeed, many Bavarian designers rebuke for their attempts to greatly increase the size of the grille. And this is the first time that not only users of social networks have indicated this, but also a competitor.