BMW and Jaguar Land Rover decide to unite

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover decide to unite

June 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The largest car manufacturers BMW and Jaguar Land Rover decided to unite in order to create a revolutionary electric drive. The best engineers and other specialists from both companies will start collaborative development.

Information that the German auto giant BMW and Jaguar Land Rover decided to unite in favor of the development of the newest electric drive called EDU, reported numerous foreign media. The leaders of the two companies expressed the hope that such cooperation would be fruitful, and at the same time reduce the cost of developing the drive, which is worth tremendous funds.

 Interestingly, this kind of cooperation is the norm among automakers, since such cooperation is designed to increase the profitability of future electric cars by reducing production costs. Moreover, this is not the first collaboration between the Bavarian and British brands, since in the distant 1994 the latter acquired Land Rover for a short time.

Currently, the release dates of new models of electric cars have not been announced. And many experts agree that the release of new products should not be expected before 2022-2023. The financial side of the transaction also remains secret.

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