BMW and Bosch unveil giant motorcycle dashboard

BMW and Bosch unveil giant motorcycle dashboard

November 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As early as next year, some Bavarian bike models will begin to be equipped with a 10.25-inch dashboard, which will replace analog instruments.

Large screens are becoming increasingly popular among automakers, and since one of the divisions of the BMW concern produces motorcycles, it was decided to apply a similar solution to two-wheeled vehicles. For example, BMW, together with Bosch engineers, presented a motorcycle dashboard with a 10.25-inch display.

And this is the first motorcycle “screen” with split screen functionality. So, on one part, for example, speed, engine speed, fuel capacity and other technical data can be displayed, while on the second – information from a smartphone. To do this, you will need to install the MySpin application on your phone. Bosch has already confirmed compatibility of MySpin with BMW motorcycles, as well as Ducati and Kawasaki. True, in the case of the Italian and Japanese companies, we are talking about the use of dashboards with 6.5-inch screens.

The only danger of such screens is to distract the biker’s attention from the road. It is dangerous in a car and is a suicide on a motorcycle. However, Bosch believes that this way the motorcyclist will be less distracted by the smartphone.