BMW abandoned gasoline engine in electric i3

BMW abandoned gasoline engine in electric i3

October 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

BMW i3 will now be exclusively electric.

BMW has refused to modify the electric i3, which was equipped with a small internal combustion engine. The unit with a volume of 650 cubic centimeters was used solely as a generator, recharging the batteries of the power plant while driving.

In late September, she debuted an updated version of the i3 model, which acquired a new, more capacious, battery. Its capacity compared to the previous model increased by 19.6 kilowatt-hours – up to 42.2 kilowatt-hours. Thanks to this battery pack, the average power reserve of the car increased by 30 percent – up to 260 kilometers.

At the same time, without recharging, the old version of the electric vehicle with an internal combustion engine could pass about 330 kilometers.

The i3 model is equipped with a 170-horsepower electric motor, and its “sports” version is equipped with a 184-horsepower engine. In the first case, acceleration to the 100 km/h takes 7.3 seconds, in the second – 6.9 seconds. The maximum power reserve of the usual BMW i3 reaches 285-310 kilometers, “charged” – 270-285 kilometers.

In Germany, prices for BMW i3 start at 37,5 thousand euros.