BMW 8 Series became a headache for American dealers

BMW 8 Series became a headache for American dealers

March 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

After many years of absence, the 8 Series finally returned to the showrooms. According to several American dealers, the new top coupe and convertible were too late there.

Several U.S. dealers claim to have a large number of unsold models. The 8 Series is one of BMW’s stocks remains the highest. According to sellers, the BMW marketing team did not work well enough and paid too little attention to the car.

“This is the best car that no one knows. In fact, dealers say: “I do not want this, I can’t sell it, someone, please take it from me,” said the manager, who chose to remain anonymous.

Buyers from the United States can choose at least 15 configurations when buying an 8 Series, and, according to one of the dealers, this is too much. If 10 customers offer 15 options, there will be many cars that will remain nearby. But if 10 clients offer two options, then you can sell each and earn some money.

According to local analysts, in 4,410 Americans bought the BMW 8 Series in 2019. According to the dealer, at least 2,000 copies are currently awaiting owners worth at least $ 155,000, and the full-size X7 SUV has picked up the 8 Series. It was launched simultaneously and is an important car in the North American market for BMW. SUVs still sell better than coupes and convertibles. According to dealers, BMW does not want to enter into a discussion with them and is silent about the marketing budget of the 8 Series.