BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo will no longer be sold in the US

BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo will no longer be sold in the US

August 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In some regional markets, this German liftback is not in high demand. This trend is currently seen among American BMW customers.

According to BMW Blog, the BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo liftback has left the US car market. The reason is trivial – the demand for the model is declining.

The fact that buyers have little interest in this liftback has also been acknowledged by BMW’s chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk. Most likely, buyers are in no hurry to opt for this model because of its rather controversial appearance. The Germans sought to combine the features of a sedan, hatchback and station wagon in one car. The result was not appreciated by everyone.

Moreover, the attractiveness of the liftback for buyers varies depending on the country. In some markets it is well received, for example, in China, in others it is not recognized. So, Americans and Europeans reacted very coldly to the BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo. The latter, by the way, are more likely to choose the classic sedans and station wagons of the 5-Series.

The Germans are in no hurry to abandon the full-size liftback: sales in the Celestial Empire suit the manufacturer, so there is no need to stop its production yet.