BMW 5 Series can now be ordered with luminous grille

BMW 5 Series can now be ordered with luminous grille

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the Bavarian business-class sedan, you can now order a false radiator grille with backlight. This option costs $ 614.

The Bavarian company BMW has found another way to ensure that their customers can further emphasize their individuality. It’s about backlighting. I must say that this chip is already almost everywhere – a backlit logo, door handle illumination, various interior lighting and, of course, lights under the car. The false radiator grille with backlight, which first appeared on the all-new version of the X6 coupe-shaped crossover, is now also available for the 5 Series sedan (index G30).

A brilliant grille with a rather pompous name Chrome Iconic Glow Kidney Grilles will cost customers an additional 614 dollars. The LEDs integrated into the grille illuminate not only the grill itself and its frame, but also the front of the car.

BMW is not the only one that offers its customers various luminous pieces. So Mercedes has been equipping its proprietary three-pointed star with specialized lighting for more than six years – for an additional fee, of course. This chip debuted on the M-Class and GL-Class crossovers, which have since been replaced by GLE and GLS, respectively.

Needless to say, the once modest Skoda brand can offer a door “lamp” for projecting its compact crossover Karoq, projecting the company logo onto the floor. What’s next – highlighting tire caps? Audi has a different approach: the headlights and taillights of modern models “dance” a bit when you close or unlock the doors. We must admit that it looks cool.