BMW 4-Series 2020 filmed during testing

BMW 4-Series 2020 filmed during testing

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German automaker presents a new generation of 4-Series.

The first generation of the BMW 4-Series began to roll off the assembly line six years ago. At the moment, the automaker is testing a new convertible.

You can’t talk in detail about the new product, because of the camouflage, the car body is almost invisible. In this case, you can clearly trace the impact of the design of the 3-series. At the front there is a radiator grill, which, most likely, was borrowed from the new Z4.

In addition, the car has a soft roof, due to which the mass of the car is reduced.

There is information about some of the components of the interior news. So, the steering wheel, seats and dashboard layout are taken from the 3-series. Perhaps the car will acquire IRS with a touch screen and a digital instrument cluster.

Experts believe that the BMW 4-Series 2020 will receive diesel engines, as well as gasoline engines for four and six cylinders.