BMW 3-Series X-Cross Render: the first image of the impossible model

BMW 3-Series X-Cross Render: the first image of the impossible model

September 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In fact, it’s strange to see, but the network has a picture of a cross-universal from the Bavarian concern BMW. The independent designer Aksenov Nikita decided to imagine how the BMW 3-Series X-Cross Render could look.

Late for a trend in the automotive industry is not good, and most companies are actively following it, to some extent succeeding in creating popular models. But when it comes to “charged” or cross-like aportwagon – the Bavarian concern pretends that they do not exist at all.

And for many years Audi has been manufacturing its station wagons with the Avant prefix. For example, the “loaded” A4 Avant wagon was introduced back in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show. In addition, Audi has its own cross-wagon A6 Avant in the lineup.

The company Mercedes also produces its own cross-wagon E-Class All-Terrain, still rare in the road. This model was introduced only at the end of 2016 at the Paris Motor Show.

But what is waiting for BMW is still unknown. Maybe the company is not sure whether such a station wagon will fit the philosophy of their brand. But it is still unclear how the usual line of crossovers corresponds to their brand, which did not undergo the finalization of the “M” division.

Fortunately, designer Aksenov Nikita demonstrated to us how a passable station wagon from BMW could look. According to an independent designer, the car would be built on the basis of the modern 3-Series. The model received a prefix in the X-Cross, as well as an “off-road” kit and a higher ground clearance.

Of course, the model exists only on this renderer, but judging by the image, the car could compete with the current version of the A4 Allroad. At the same time, BMW may be afraid of internal competition, and the models of crossovers X1 and X3 will be less popular.

Unfortunately, the appearance of such a model is unlikely, and the company will not enter this segment. Now the company’s efforts are focused on the premium segment, and electrification of its own models.