BMW 3-Series shown on video

BMW 3-Series shown on video

September 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Probably, already on October 2 within the framework of the Paris Motor Show there will be a solemn presentation of the new generation of the BMW 3-Series. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation of this, but the Bavarian concern published a video of the future novelty in the production process.

Car enthusiasts and experts expected that in the last few weeks detailed information about the BMW 3-Series will be available. Many are waiting for the presentation of the car, as well as the disclosure of the characteristics of the announced engine, which will become the most powerful in the company’s history, installed on the production car of the four-cylinder unit. Instead, the company published another teaser, showing the process of assembling the future BMW 3 Series.

On the published clip we see a sedan at various stages of assembly – from bare metal and partially assembled body to a fully assembled car leaving the shop. Unfortunately, the concern showed only what it wanted to show, and a fully finished car is not shown. In assembled form the car is shown only in a blurred image.

Apparently, we are already close to the presentation, but the date of the debut has not yet been reported. But considering that BMW announced its participation in the Paris Motor Show – it would be an ideal place for a presentation, and the teaser campaign is coming to an end.

Now we know very little about the future model. At least the car will move to a new platform, which will help reduce the weight by 55 kg. This is due to the use of more alloy, but strong materials using aluminum. The number of high-strength alloys also increased. Together with the reduction in weight, the model will receive a greater rigidity of the body.

But the most interesting will be the transmission of the new BMW 3-Series, which will include a completely new four-cylinder engine, paired with a robotic transmission and a proprietary all-wheel drive system with priority on the rear axle. Another update will be a well-thought-out aerodynamics of the body, due to which the drag coefficient has dropped to a level of 0.23.

In the meantime, the G-Power tuner again presents its new project for BMW refinishing packages. This time, under the “scalpel” caught a BMW M5 new generation, which received about 800 horsepower.