BMW 1 Series will have a 5 year life cycle

BMW 1 Series will have a 5 year life cycle

December 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW F40 Series 1 has always enjoyed great success in global markets.

Much to the disappointment of BMW fans, responsible for mass sales and the platform for the brand’s most interesting hatchbacks such as the M135i and 1M, the last generation has a huge workaround. Of course, the new architecture and front-wheel drive layout may seem unacceptable for some, but the extra practicality and interior space are welcomed by most people, especially since most buyers of the 1 Series hardly care about the difference in drive.

According to rumors, BMW is going to keep the F40 1 Series as it is until the end of its production, that is, for five years. This is not the first time that BMW has deviated from its usual seven-year production cycle, but it will not stop the Bavarian brand from making technical improvements to the 1 Series over time; just models will not get facelift or redesign.

The guys from BMW Blog believe that this is somehow connected with the 1st series, which will receive an electric version in the coming years. What exactly is the fact that the current F40 is quite capable of taking on the role of a car with a hybrid module or an electric car from a technological point of view, but there is still no reliable information whether the EV model will be introduced in the F40 or subsequent generations.

On the other hand, if you launch the EV model, you could get a significant increase in interior space thanks to a reasonable separation of the batteries, while maintaining the premium feel and ease of buying the most affordable BMW car.