BMW 1 Series showed inside

BMW 1 Series showed inside

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The test prototype was left unattended in the parking lot in Munich, which made it possible to look into the BMW 1 Series showroom of a new generation.

Apparently, the model is almost ready for debut. She received a production version of the body, as well as lighting elements. Trim is also almost complete.

It is assumed that the prototype is a “hot” version of the M135i. This is indicated by blue brake calipers, 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as dual exhaust system and large air intakes in the front bumper. The interior has sports seats with wide lateral support, the steering wheel from the M unit, and the dashboard, made entirely in black a color that recalls the new 3 Series models.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

The model will switch to the new FAAR architecture, which will change the rear-wheel drive to the front. This change will reduce the weight of the BMW 1 Series by about 20 kg. From the engine range, the six-cylinder unit, which was installed in the M140i, will disappear. Instead, the version will be offered M135i xDrive, equipped with the most powerful to date, four-cylinder engine BMW. It uses the same 2.0-liter engine as the X2 M35i. Its capacity is 302 hp, torque is expected to be the same as that of the crossover – 450 Nm.

It is expected that the BMW 1 Series will be presented before the end of the year.