Bloodhound will not be able to set a new world speed record

Bloodhound will not be able to set a new world speed record

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

An attempt to set a speed record by the Bloodhound team may be interrupted indefinitely. The main investor in this project said he would have to abandon it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bloodhound team’s long road to breaking land wheel speed records began years ago, but financial hurdles have always been more of a concern for the company than the sound barrier. As follows from the Bloodhound LSR press release, the future is in question again as the current owner and CEO of the team leaves the project.

In a statement, Bloodhound LSR CEO Ian Warhurst cited the global COVID-19 pandemic as one of many other reasons that the project had to be “scrapped.”

It was the pandemic that led to funding problems for the planned run at a speed of 1287.2 km / h in 2020.

“When I made the commitment to speed test the car in 2019, I allocated enough funds to achieve that goal, assuming that alternative funding would allow us to continue trying to set the record,” Warhurst said. “Along with many other things, the global pandemic destroyed this opportunity in 2020, leaving the project without funding and postponed for another 12 months. At this stage, in the absence of further immediate funding, the only option is to close the program or put the project up for sale so I can pass the baton and allow the team to continue working on the project. “

In 2019, Bloodhound LSR successfully completed a series of high-speed tests on Hakskien Pan, a dry lake bed in South Africa. The car accelerated to 1010.45 km / h, but in order to become supersonic, additional rocket acceleration is required. The final step to the record 1287.2 km / h is estimated to cost $ 10.9 million, based on ongoing program development costs. If a new owner of the company, who has the funds to invest, is not found, the car will be sent for long-term storage without any guarantees that it can be resurrected for future speed attempts.

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