Bloodhound supersonic vehicle is up for sale again

Bloodhound supersonic vehicle is up for sale again

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Bloodhound Landspeed project is up for sale again. After a successful test in South Africa in 2019, during which the car accelerated to speeds of over 1000 km / h, the current owner Ian Warhurst is leaving the project.

Recall that Warhurst saved the project from closure in 2018, but the Covid-19 pandemic understandably changed all the plans of the Bloodhound team. A speed record of 1,500 km / h is now slated for 2022 – funding permitting.

“I have been honored to lead this world-class engineering team for the past two years. I was fascinated – along with a huge audience around the world – when we tested the car at over 600 mph in South Africa, ”Warhurst said. “When I pledged to test the car at high speed in 2019, I allocated enough funds to achieve this goal, on the basis that alternative funding would allow us to continue trying to set the record.”

In the event of a second purchase, the next owner of Bloodhound will need to invest about 8 million pounds sterling in the next phase of the project – the installation of a mono-fuel Nammo rocket, which will accelerate the car to 1300 km / h. Like the previous test, the modified vehicle will be tested at Hackskien Pan, North Cape, South America.