Bloodhound managed to accelerate to 1010 km / h

Bloodhound managed to accelerate to 1010 km / h

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bloodhound was able to achieve stunning speed during speed trials in South Africa. In the near future, a record is set at 1287.5 km / h.

It has been reported that Bloodhound has finally completed its speed test program in South Africa. There he managed to accelerate to 1010 km / h. This indicator is not a world record, but there were no goals to beat it yet. This first attempt was a test that should collect enough data. They will come in handy for a decisive attempt, which may take place next year.

It is worth noting that 1010 km / h is still very fast. Having gained such speed, Bloodhound automatically becomes on a par with previous applicants for the world speed record. We managed to get this number, having overcome only 8 kilometers, which took 50 seconds. The data showed that in some sections the airflow became virtually supersonic, removing paint from an area three meters from the front wheels.

 At the moment, the world speed record is 1227.98 km / h, it was set in 1997. Of course, the task of achieving an indicator better than this is a very ambitious task. At the moment, it is impossible to accurately predict what will happen outside the speed of sound.

 Hopefully, Bloodhound will finally be able to break the world speed record. It is expected that the project will be able to reach 1287.5 km / h.