Bloodhound LSR will set the speed record in South Africa 13 times

Bloodhound LSR will set the speed record in South Africa 13 times

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bloodhound L team has announced the upcoming trials of a high-speed car in South Africa.

Road and Track reports that the LSR will soon be shipped to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa for at least 13 separate test runs. Each of the races will be 80 km / h faster than the previous one, until the LSR reaches a maximum speed of 804 km / h.

This is only about half of the possible land speed record that the team hopes to achieve, but it will be much faster than the previous test run. Recall that in October 2017, the development team managed to accelerate their car to 320 km / h at a training ground in the UK.

Unlike the car, on tests conducted 2 years ago, on the modified Bloodhound LSR, the pneumatic tires will be replaced with solid aluminum wheels, which eliminates the risk of a possible pressure drop. This will also be the first time that aluminum discs are used by the Bloodhound team.

Power is provided thanks to the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, which provides nearly 10 tons of traction. When the team returns to South Africa in 2020 or 2021 in pursuit of a final record of 1609 km / h, the rocket engine will be assisted by a mono-fuel rocket system for extra traction.

“I really enjoyed watching the team take up the challenge in the last 6 months. What they have been talking about and planning for so long is really happening now – and the team took it upon themselves. Our fantastic new location at the UTC Berkeley Technical College center really helped the project come to life – it’s now in new territory, ”said Bloodhound CEO Ian Warhurst.