Bloodhound LSR or jet car with 135,000 horses on board!

Bloodhound LSR or jet car with 135,000 horses on board!

July 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the developers of this jet monster, the car, which has a 135,000-strong power unit … again, a 135,000-HP MOTOR, is going to drive at supersonic speeds – tests are scheduled for this autumn.

That’s the thing – the speed of 300, 400 and even 500 km / h is very, very large. Do you agree? Well, what do you say when you find out that the guys from the Bloodhound company expect to set an absolute speed record for a wheeled vehicle on land. They are planning that their Bloodhound LSR jet car can accelerate to an unimaginable speed of more than 1,200 km/h for a car. It is worth noting that back in 1997, racer Andy Green, who piloted a similar car Thrust SSC, managed to overcome the speed mark of 1227 km/h.

 Now, a team of talented engineers is fully preparing for the testing of machines that will be held in South Africa. An attempt to set an absolute record is scheduled for next year.

 Perhaps the main task of the company Bloodhound LSR and its current CEO Jan Warhurst, is to achieve a speed of 1600 km / h. So far, the guys have no idea when this might happen.

 Now a few words about the car itself. The Bloodhound LSR is 13.5 meters long and weighs as much as eight tons. “Under the hood” is a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, which is paired with a hybrid rocket engine. The total power of this monstrous power plant is 135,000 hp.

 Not so long ago, Bloodhound itself was on the verge of bankruptcy, but thanks to the desire and money of businessman Jan Warhurst, who invested in it the amount of 25,000,000 pounds, the brand continued to live and can continue to set speed records.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the Tesla Roadster fought a sprint with a Formula 1 race car with a jet engine. Will this electric vehicle have enough capacity to compete on equal terms with a Formula 1 jet car?