Bloggers tested epoxy wheel

Bloggers tested epoxy wheel

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Rims are hard elements. They must withstand the daily loads of centrifugal forces, potholes and other unpleasant road ailments.

The usual material for the manufacture of rims is steel and alloy. But even they are not protected from damage. Therefore, creating an epoxy tire may seem strange. However, Americans are generally strange people.

The video begins by creating a mold for casting an epoxy element. However, once the mold is ready, the wheel slowly pulls together. The wheel does not have traditional spokes. Instead, the center is coated with an epoxy resin with an attached hub.

    The video shows that it took tons of time and effort. In addition, the builder installed bright flashing LEDs during the assembly process. This allows the wheel to change color while driving. To some this may seem a little tasteless and pathos, but this is a brilliant way to distinguish a car from the crowd.

Not a single new wheel can do without a proper test, and the video does not disappoint. After the tire is installed, the owner leaves the garage and easily makes Burnaut. The epoxy wheel and its bright lights stand the test of strength. You can not say about tires.