Blogger revealed $ 554,000 key from Bugatti Chiron

Blogger revealed $ 554,000 key from Bugatti Chiron

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The incredible expensive Bugatti Chiron key was shown in the video.

Shmee YouTube host estimates $ 554,000 Bugatti Chiron hypercar key

The key is made by Awain and encrusted with precious stones. A blogger opens Bugatti with a version of Phantom. The keychain is covered with 34.5 carat diamonds and 18 carat gold, and the ornament is made up of many other multi-colored stones. The central part is trimmed with genuine leather.

It is worth noting that earlier Shmee already got acquainted with keys worth 54,320, coated with 175 grams of gold and decorated with 3.6 carat diamonds. However, this does not compare with the creation of Awain. The video shows how the blogger carefully handles the keychain while holding it with both hands to open Chiron. This incredibly expensive accessory performs the same functions as a regular key.

Shmee also inspected other cars on display at the Car Vault in Dubai.