Bliss cruise liner equipped with a carting

Bliss cruise liner equipped with a carting

November 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Norwegian Bliss cruise liner equipped with a two-tier circuit for electric karts

The Norwegian Bliss cruise liner, owned by the operating company Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), runs on the Seattle-Alaska route in the summer months, and in winter carries those who wish from Miami to the Caribbean islands. Guests are offered a wide range of entertainment, among which – a two-level carting circuit.

According to Carscoops, for one racing session, consisting of eight laps, you have to pay 9.95 dollars. For races are used electric cards that can accelerate to 48 kilometers per hour. The track circuit is equipped with several levels of fencing to protect riders from falling from the ship.

In summer, Niagara Speedway, the largest in North America, opened in the Canadian province of Ontario. Its length is 610 meters. The construction of the route took 270 tons of steel, 4459 tons of concrete, 655 meters of fencing and 10 thousand bolts. A special feature of the kart track is a multi-level architecture and a spiral climb with a height difference of 12 meters.