Blind driver accelerates to Honda NSX to 244 km/h

Blind driver accelerates to Honda NSX to 244 km/h

January 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A blind Turkish psychologist first sat behind the wheel of a car

 In Turkey, the blind driver accelerated on a Honda NSX supercar to 244 kilometers per hour. Check-in took place on the runway of the airfield.

The Turkish branch of the Motor1 publication fulfilled the dream of a 40-year-old psychologist Levent Karadol, who lost his sight due to illness at the age of seven. In the comments to the video on YouTube, he wrote that once would like to participate in the test drives of the site. The journalists decided to fulfill his desire and let him drive the Honda NSX supercar, which costs almost a million dollars in the Turkish market. As a result, Caradol was able to accelerate to 244 kilometers per hour.

In 2008, the Belgian Luke Kostermans overclocked the Lamborghini Gallardo to 308.78 kilometers per hour, setting a world speed record among blind drivers.

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The record among motorcyclists belongs to the Australian Ben Felten, who on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R was able to reach 269 kilometers per hour. Another record among the blind – on the movement on the water – recorded for the British Mike Newman. On a racing boat, it accelerated to 150 kilometers per hour.