Blaze EV Classic or retro style electric mini-car

Blaze EV Classic or retro style electric mini-car

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company presented a very unusual electric car, which was called the Blaze EV Classic. The car is made in the style of cars of the first half of the last century. The electric car has a top speed of 49.88 km / h and can travel up to 50 km.

One company in Japan is developing electric vehicles that combine the design of vintage cars with modern technology. The Blaze EV Classic draws on pre-war and post-war car design to create a unique single-seat, all-electric “retro-futurism” micro car that looks both functional and fun. Unfortunately, the car is only available in Japan.

The minicar was removed from the moped, which allows its owners to drive it off-road.

Specifications are what you would expect from a high-end moped. The maximum speed of the minicar is 50 km / h with a power reserve of up to 50 km. It takes about eight hours to charge a fully discharged battery. The maximum power of the mini-car is 4 horsepower (28 Nm). There are drum brakes in the front, disc brakes in the back.

Blaze EV Classic is small in size: 2,330 mm long, 1,170 mm wide and 1,160 mm high. The car weighs about 200 kilograms, with the weight of the battery being one tenth of that. The car features a classic design with open wheels and an open cab. It features wire-spoked wheels in the style of British sports cars and LED headlights with a classic body. The car is also equipped with a differential which helps the car to coerce.

Blaze EV Classic is only available in Japan for 880,000 yen. It is available in four colors: silver, black, green and red. The company offers several accessories, such as a dedicated car case, a spare battery, an accessory case, and a spare AC adapter.

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