Blaupunkt presented a cool radio in the retro style of the 80s

Blaupunkt presented a cool radio in the retro style of the 80s

July 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An old-looking tape recorder from the German brand with buttons is equipped with Bluetooth, USB-input and supports work with SD-cards.

Motorists who remember the 1980s and 1990s are likely to recall the good old car cassette deck. This is especially true for the 1980s – it was then that the tapes were the most popular – almost every automaker offered some versions of a stereo system, “decorated” with buttons and a digital display. They contrasted sharply with old analogue radios, which used two large knobs to adjust the volume and tune the station.

Now that the cars of this era are becoming classics, there is a small but steady market for modern stereos equipped with Bluetooth that look retro.

The systems of the German company Blaupunkt, which is engaged in the production of audio and video equipment, were often found in expensive cars of that time. To help bridge the technological gap between these two eras, the company offers a modern tape recorder with all the great aesthetics of the 80s.

Bremen SQR 46 DAB in retro style is equipped with small buttons and dials, one knob for volume control and a digital display. There is even a slot for a cassette, although it is only for sight. In addition to the usual AM / FM tuner, the new product boasts support for USB, SD, SDHC and Bluetooth. It also has built-in and external microphones, so you can connect your phone and talk, as in any modern system.