Blacksmith Electric introduced the concept B2 with a replaceable battery

Blacksmith Electric introduced the concept B2 with a replaceable battery

June 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While in India there are disputes about electrification between the government and manufacturers, the startup has been working on this problem since 2006.

Blacksmith Electric (Chennai, India) filed a patent for its battery replacement technology when no one had thought about it. This demonstrates the foresight and readiness to solve the serious problem of the introduction of EV-technologies. But, of course, any concept remains just a concept. So far, we see only the first official images of the B2 Concept electric circuit.

According to Electric Motorcycles News, the company has been testing the first prototype on public roads since 2005, which can be seen on video. Currently, the company says it wants to bring this bike to the Indian market in 2020.

According to Blacksmith Electric, a full B2 charge is possible in just four hours. An electric bike can accelerate to 120 km / h, and the range of a single charge is 120 km. The company is also working on battery replacement stations. Their principle is simple: you simply leave your battery on charge, take a fully charged one and continue on your way. It is also assumed that drivers will be able to charge them when they are at home or are busy with other things.

 The company proudly declares that its third-generation bike prototype has already covered 7,000 km on Indian roads. But all this sounds good in theory, so far we have only intentionally shaded conceptual images, on which it is difficult to say anything. So have to wait for next year.

Meanwhile, the government of India has set a deadline to provide a plan for the transition to electrical installations for the motor industry.