Binotto: It’s great to win the pole at home

Binotto: It’s great to win the pole at home

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari experiences mixed emotions after qualifying on the home track. Although Charles Leclair won the pole, the team is upset by the mistake, because of which Sebastian Vettel lost the chance to compete for the first row.

Charles Lecler (1st): “It’s great to get out of the car to the applause of the fans. On the other hand, it is very disappointing for Sebastian – he had everything necessary to achieve a better result or, at least, to compete for the first row on the grill – we deserve both Ferrari to start from the first row.

To say that the final qualification was chaotic is to say nothing. In the last minutes of the session we were in an unusual situation when two cars blocked a whole group of riders. Sebastian got ahead of me because he might have realized that the session was coming to an end. At that moment, I was also looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the slipstream, and before the last turn I overtook Sebastian to disperse him. Unfortunately, we were not successful in this attempt.

In the second training session, we had a good racing pace, although our advantage over rivals decreased compared to Spa. Slipstream and DRS in Monza play an important role, therefore, starting ahead, I will try to create a sufficient gap in the first three circles so that my rivals cannot take advantage of this. ”

Sebastian Vettel (4th): “I am pleased with the behavior of the machine and my circles, but I am not happy with how the qualification went. At the end of the final session, most riders were unable to drive a fast lap. I did this on my first attempt without a slipstream and showed a good time.

The second attempt, I went when there was almost no time left, and began to look for the opportunity to get into the slipstream. Obviously, we waited too long – when I arrived on the straight line, red lights had already turned on. That is why I can not say that I am satisfied. However, when starting from the fourth position here, I still have chances to succeed. ”

Mattia Binotto, Team Leader: “In training, we realized that the breaks in qualifications would be minimal and the slipstream would play a decisive role. The situation in the final session was completely atypical. It rarely happens that most riders do not have time for a fast lap, but this is an inevitable consequence of the decision to wait for the last minute.

It’s a pity that Sebastian didn’t have enough to drive a fast lap. Our cars are fast today, and we are very pleased with the pole, having won it in front of our fans at the home stage. ”