Binotto: I am disappointed with the comments of rivals

Binotto: I am disappointed with the comments of rivals

November 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the course of the weekend in Austin, the FIA ​​issued the TD 039/19 technical directive, which was the result of a request from Red Bull Racing, which, as many believe, was directed against Ferrari. After that, many noted that in the qualification and race, the Scuderia cars were not as fast as usual. The pole went to Bottas, and at the finish of the race pilots Ferrari was not even on the podium.

However, team leader Mattia Binotto categorically denies any connection between these events, and insists that the difficulties Ferrari encountered at this stage are in no way connected with the power plants.

Mattia Binotto: “We have yet to deal with this technical directive. In the course of the weekend we did not study it in detail. And in recent days they have not made any changes to their power plants.

Over the weekend I read and heard a lot of comments about this technical directive and its impact on our cars. I heard comments after the race, and they really disappoint me. In my opinion, yesterday we were as close to the pole as in previous races. Sebastian could have won it if he hadn’t been too careful in one of the turns.

Leclair had a serious problem in the morning – he completely lost his third training session and was forced to return to the old motor with less power. In general, I think, looking at his performance in the finals of the qualification, I am sure that he could potentially be on the pole, if not for the morning problems.

In the first segment of the race on both cars there were difficulties with traction, but the results show that our problems are not speed at all on straight lines. Therefore, I think that making such comments is wrong, it’s bad for sports. ”