Billionaire will release his Land Rover Defender

Billionaire will release his Land Rover Defender

September 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jim Ratcliffe did not appreciate the update of the SUV and decided to create his own version of the legendary model.

The legendary Land Rover Defender went through the next stage of updating, becoming an even less niche model, since in terms of profit the hardcore SUV is not interesting for the company. In addition, the novelty had to comply with new, more stringent emission standards.

As a result, an ardent admirer of the old SUV, Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire and owner of the company Ineos, which specializes in petrochemicals, offered the British company to buy the right to manufacture the model, but was refused. Then Mr. Ratcliffe announced his intention to create his car with the philosophy of the old Defender.

Now the first official information about the project has appeared, in which Magna and MBTech also take part. Utility SUV called Grenadier, and its style was borrowed from the British model. The novelty got its name in honor of the pub where it was invented, and also 6 thousand people voted for it in an online survey.

The release of the Grenadier SUV will be organized at a factory in Bridgend, South Wales. At the moment, the company is preparing facilities for serial production, which will be launched in 2021. Ineos Automotive also noted that the company plans to invest in an enterprise in Portugal, which will produce the chassis and body for the car. Engines for the SUV will be purchased from BMW.

According to Dirk Heilmann, Executive Director of Ineos Automotive, the company is successfully moving forward in both design and engineering work. In addition, marketing and distribution tasks are systematically being addressed. More information about the Grenadier is coming soon.