Biker invented a smart helmet that synchronizes with the bike

Biker invented a smart helmet that synchronizes with the bike

July 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

If you are concerned about your own safety on the road and you are interested in electronics, then you may like the idea of ​​a helmet signaling the situation behind the bike.

Quite often there are such moments when after the accident another participant can tell you that he simply did not notice you. Even though you were wearing a reflective jacket and a neon helmet, and you ride the brightest bike in the city. No matter how hard you try, attentiveness and forethought do not guarantee 100% safety on the road.

Motorcyclist and programmer Adnan Khan used a pair of Arduino devices and transceivers to allow his motorcycle and helmet to communicate with each other through code written by him. When a helmet and a motorcycle light up at the same time, they signal that something is happening behind it.

 Khan has published links to parts of the transmitter and receiver code in his video description if you want to assemble the device at home. In the video, it shows how everything connected, but you should be very careful not to jeopardize the safety and protection of your helmet. After all, if he does not protect your head, then this makes no sense. If you are new to Arduino and you need an accomplice for beginners, then this guide is quite handy. The problem of safety and visibility is quite important for a motorcyclist, and although this homemade product does not guarantee anything, like the same jacket, it has great meaning and potential.

Meanwhile, MV Agusta has created a custom version of the Dragster RC Shining Gold motorcycle.