Big cuts in employees are coming at Audi

Big cuts in employees are coming at Audi

February 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In January of this year, around 144,650 cars of the brand were sold worldwide, which corresponds to a 3% drop in sales. Despite the significant growth in China (+ 5.1%), the total sales of the brand fell mainly due to the constant decline in sales of new cars in Europe, which is associated with the introduction of new environmental standards.

Audi plans to reduce the number of modifications to its power plants to optimize costs.

“We have stopped production of engines and modifications created exclusively for certain markets. In general, we have reduced production by about 30%. We can no longer afford models and equipment that are not in constant demand, ”said Bram Shot, Audi CEO, in an interview with the German Handelsblatt newspaper.

At the moment there is no information about which engines were discontinued. Judging by the German competitors Audi, the first in this series will be the most voluminous modifications, the most expensive and least effective. Recall that BMW plans to abandon the V8 and V12 engines in the next generation 7-Series, while Mercedes-Benz will soon introduce one final S-Class based on the V12, before it stops selling.

It is noted that the manufacturer plans to reduce costs to 15 billion euros until 2022. To speed up this process, the company plans to eliminate a number of senior positions – about 10%. In addition, the night shift will be stopped at its plant in Ingolstadt in Germany.