Bernie Ecclestone: The longer the wait, the higher the risks

Bernie Ecclestone: The longer the wait, the higher the risks

March 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Liberty Media have not yet decided on the rules for the 2021st and did not agree on the terms of the Agreement Agreement. The former owner of commercial rights Bernie Ecclestone believes that the longer they pull, the higher the risk …

Bernie Ecclestone “Contrary to what many people think, I do not want evil Formula 1 – I want her to be all right. I want on my deathbed, I knew that I had created a great product that was getting better and better. I do not want to think that everything goes to the bottom. This is my life’s work! I hope that all participants will come together and start thinking.

The longer the wait, the higher the risk that some teams will curtail the project in Formula 1. Perhaps in Mercedes switch to Formula E – the company believes that this series is more in line with the trend of the automotive industry. Or Red Bull Racing: they do not need Formula 1. They get great attention due to other projects. If they say goodbye to Formula 1, it will not have a negative impact on the brand.

They always say that Ferrari will never quit Formula 1, but Ferrari is such a strong brand that it is almost invulnerable. They can easily switch to some other racing series.

The longer it takes to wait for new rules, the worse for everyone – both for teams and Liberty Media. As far as I know, the most important thing has not been said yet: “We will pay you so much. We want the race to become spectacular, and are willing to pay you such and such a sum “.

If I were one of the shareholders, I would sleep much calmer if I knew what was waiting for us in the next five years. Then everyone would be happy – teams, race promoters … And everyone would continue to work quietly. ”