Bentley’s first electric car will be a crossover based on Artemis

Bentley’s first electric car will be a crossover based on Artemis

May 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Bentley is shifting to production of electric vehicles only. New details about the first electric vehicle of the premium brand have emerged

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark told Car Magazine that their future electric vehicles will be based on the Audi Artemis project.

The German carmaker announced the project last year and said it would spawn a pioneering and highly efficient electric vehicle with a 2024 release date. The company also suggested that the model will receive new technologies, as well as “highly automated” car handling.

Bentley will participate in the development of the Artemis platform. The company will have a “closer relationship” with Audi.

The launch of the first electric vehicle in 2025 will allow the brand to take advantage of the latest developments in battery technology. For example, use a relatively lightweight battery pack.

Little is known about Bentley’s first electric vehicle, but it will be a crossover.
While Bentley is known for offering powerful V8 and W12 engines, the brand’s customers are already thinking about switching to electric cars. 39% of them are considering an electric car as their next car.

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