Bentley will suffer greatly from the new green standards

Bentley will suffer greatly from the new green standards

November 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The prestigious British automaker is always too “pulled” with the adoption of new rules.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hellmark admitted that the prestigious automaker was too “slow” when it came to preparing their cars to fully comply with the new regulations on the level of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

In particular, he admitted that now the brand lineup is not ready to meet the current, rather tough, environmentally friendly WLTP standards, which have recently been operating in Europe. Note that WLTP has replaced NEDC not so long ago.

According to foreign automotive publications, Bentley lost $ 155 million in the first months of this year, while in the same period last year the situation was completely different. Sales decreased by 11% – were sold 6,643 lower.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t quickly determine our priorities and could not respond to the accepted environmental standards,” – said Mr. Adrian Hellmark. It is because of this “annoying blunder” that Bentley had to postpone the creation of a hybrid version of the Bentayga crossover. Instead, the company decided to focus on fitting its more popular models to full compliance with WLTP standards.

Problems with European WLTP compliance were also one of the reasons why Bentley delirium postponed the launch of the new Continental GT coupe – the best-selling brand.