Bentley will revive the pre-war model

Bentley will revive the pre-war model

August 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the unique Continuation Series project, the process of assembling a prototype of the world’s first reconstructed pre-war car has started.

Bentley Mulliner, a body shop that specializes in customization, has begun assembling the first Bentley Blower in over 90 years. The car, dubbed Car Zero, will be the prototype in a series of 12 hand-built 4½ Liter turbocharged replicas of the Bentley Continuation Series. Their design will be identical to that of the unique 1929 Team Blower car designed by Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin. Now the car, on which Birkin himself performed, is owned by the Bentley brand. These 12 pieces will constitute the world’s first series of pre-war model replicas – all of which have already found their owners.

The first group of critical components was delivered to the assembly shop. First, the chassis arrived – the main detail of the project, it is on it that all other units and parts will be installed. Following the completion of the ash frame, the fuel tank and radiator were prepared. Then a pair of headlights entered the shop, as well as some mechanical components of the first model of the series – the very first engine (with an exact copy of the supercharger developed by Amherst Villiers), front axle assembly and leaf springs.

While 12 happy owners of Bentley Blowers choose the colors and finishes of their cars, engineers are hard at work assembling a working prototype. Its presentation will take place this year, and then the series will be launched into production. Designers have disassembled the legendary Team Blower car number 2 (probably the most valuable Bentley car in the world) and performed ultra-precise laser scanning of the body structure and all its components. Based on the received digital data and original technical documentation and sketches of the 1920s, orders for new parts were drawn up.

“After meticulous engineering work that took almost a year, it is incredibly exciting to see the first parts come together and the first Bentley Blower in over 90 years is born,” said Tim Hannig, head of Bentley Mulliner. “Our engineers and mechanics have drafted hundreds of specifications for individual parts with a craftsmanship comparable only to the skills of top-tier professionals from across the UK who handcrafted these parts. Now we started assembling. In the process, we improve the design and eliminate the problems that arise – this is precisely why the prototype is being created. We all look forward to the completion of the first car and its world presentation this year. “