Bentley will reduce 1 thousand jobs due to falling profits

Bentley will reduce 1 thousand jobs due to falling profits

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Luxury brand revenues declined due to downtime caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bentley is going to reduce its staff by almost 25%. At this step, the brand decided to reduce costs. About this on Friday, June 5, writes TASS, citing the publication of the Financial Times. According to media reports, dismissal threatens 1,000 employees out of 4.2 thousand people. The company itself is talking about a 25 percent drop in revenue. To compensate for this decline, the brand has only six months.

Recall that Bentley is already the third automaker from the UK, which the current situation forced to decide to reduce staff. Such a solution will help the company optimize costs. So, earlier on the massive reductions in their ranks reported Aston Martin and Mclaren.

According to local auto experts, in April the production of cars in the UK practically came to naught: the decline in production volumes exceeded 99 percent. Only 197 cars were produced per month. Sales of cars during this period amounted to more than 4,000 copies.

At the end of May, car sales were slightly reanimated. At the same time, the decline in demand compared to 2019 remains colossal – 90%.